Thursday, June 12, 2008


Went to RyoKoku (両国) area to visit some parks and churches in that area.
This is the Kanto Earthquake (one of the biggest and worst earthquake that happen in Japan) museum. Nothing much, just some description and a lot of "relics" from the earthquake.

Beside it lies the Sumidagawa River, where this famous ferry fetches tourists from Asakusa area to Odaiba area.
The view from the ferry is great, but its rather different if u are walking along the river.
Along the bank of the river, there is a small "drain"-like area separating the river and the land. Its used to prevent flooding during high tides or rainy periods.

This sign says that on dry/non-rainy seasons, the water level in the river is low and will not be able to flood the "drain" with fresh water. No wonder all the plants in that drain are dying(or already dead). Water pumps are installed at regular intervals along the stretch of river, and they are reaching out for kind-hearted pple (like me) to help pump the fresh water in from the river.

Pumping water is sure a tiring job...

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