Monday, July 7, 2008

My OWN ASEAN Festival

ASEAN Festivals are actually quite common in Tokyo. Every now and then, some University/college/dormitory will hold such an event. And its pretty much the same everywhere... food, performance and interaction.
After going to 2 such festivals, Kim, Yup, Mint and me decided to start our very OWN Asean festival - a small one of course. As there will only be 4 countries taking part: Malaysia, Thailand and Singapore. : )
We bought our ingredients and went to Kim's place. Here is what we dished out:

Hainanese chicken rice, Fish head curry, stirred-fried pork in some Thai sauce, braised chicken wings in chinese sauce, and satays.

The soup for the day was bitter-gourd soup with pork slices.
Not too bad... the food taste good.. and we didnt burn down the kitchen. LOL.

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Kim Huey said...

YEAP! thank god the kitchen survived!