Saturday, June 21, 2008


This small island near tokyo is indeed a nice place to visit.
Its linked to the main island by a bridge..

Nearby, saw some guys taking their motor boat practical test.. haha. berthing, manoeuvring, man-overboard drill... how nostalgic....

Main shopping street on the island.. .lots of food and souvenirs

A few temples(as usual) on the island
Nice landscape garden inside the temple I found this thing in one of the temples:

In order to "sweep away" bad luck, you have to walk through this ring in this manner. First anticlockwise, then clockwise, then anticlockwise agian.. Quite weird- and troublesome - but the small kids found it fun.. They were running around the ring and playing catching games :)

Many pple wrote their wishes on these cardboards. I took a peep, and found out that 80% of them were wishing for a good marriage or a good boyfriend/girlfriend.... hmmm... perhaps this shrine is famous for granting good 姻緣.

There was also a futuristic-looking lighthouse on the island

Scenary was great... you can see the whole bridge and Tokyo from here And it was also freaaakking cold, as the wind was very strong up there.

This is one of the few places in Japan where u can actually see stray cats around. In fact, this island is famous for having many cats...

Even the souvenirs are all cat ornaments This is the ticket booth to buy the ticket to go up the lighthouse. And this cat (i forgot the name) sits here everyday to greet the visitors... so cute.... It enjoys being pet on the head.
The security guard told me that this cat has been here for abt 6 months!!!

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