Friday, June 20, 2008


JApAN- Home of Keraoke !!!
KTV shops are just everywhere!!! and they have quite a good database of songs.. Japanese/english/chinese/....
Been to KTV 6 times since i came... yipes!! thats like almost once per fortnight : )
Gone wif different groups
with Japanese friends -> mostly Jap songs + some english songs
International friends -> only english songs
Singaporeans/Malaysians -> good mix of chinese, english and jap song..

haha. lesson learnt: one must always know how to sing diff language's songs in order to fit in : )

Here are some random photos:

The KTV machines here have interesting functions. For eg, they do give u a score after each song to see how good your singing was.
After each song, they also display the amount of calories burnt while singing that song... hmmm.. didnt realise that frequent visits to KTV can help pple lose weight too :)

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