Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Odaiba (お台場)

Some famous landmarks:
Ferris Wheel:

Fuji TV Building:There's a viewing gallery at the top in which u need to pay money to enter. Here's a tip: you dont actually have to pay to go up. Just follow the other elevator to the second highest floor - where a chinese restaurant is - and u get an equally good view from there. Furthermore, its FREE!!

(FAKE) Statue of Liberty

History Garage where u get to see vintage cars

Toyota also has a showroom there. Here are some of the cool stuff found there:

A Toyota-made robot which plays a trumpet!!

Toyota's Auto-drive car. Just like a themepark ride, all you have to do is to sit inside and enjoy the view as the car drives around automatically.

This is one of Toyota's new Hybrid car - Crown. It sure looks cool....

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