Sunday, July 13, 2008


This is MiTsu-HiDe (光秀).
I rented him from a dog-rental shop for 1 hour (2500yen). His breed is a ...... ... ermm... errmm... WHO CARES??? what matters most is that he is so CUTE and ADORABLE!!!
He looks just like a stuffed-toy - soft fur, innocent eyes, chubby body....
MiTsu-HiDe is so tame. He never barks or makes any noise. Nevertheless, i had somewhat a hard time walking it around the park - it always seems to want to go to the opposite direction from where i want him to go.
Also, there was communication breakdown between us. I tried to ask him to "sit" and "move" in English, Chinese, Japanese, French etc etc.. but it didnt seem to understand me at all.. hmmm, maybe its deaf...

Here are more cute pictures of MiTsu-HiDe.

It feels so good walking a cute dog in public. You gain so much attention from the people around you. Everyone i walked passed exclaimed "Kawaii !!" (cute) when they saw MY dog!!

In that short 1 hour of rental, i took abt 100 photos and 4 videos of him. Haha, such a camera-whore!

I guess it must have developed camera-phobia after that... Now wonder toward the end of the hour, MiTsu-HiDe was so anxious to return to the dog-rental store! Btw, this dog could navigate the area better than me, i guess it must have been working in that dog-rental shop for quite some time, and have seen dozens of pple just like me. Haha

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