Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Yoyogi Park

Probably the most happening place in Tokyo on sundays.
On weekends, there's usually some fair, exhibition, flea market being held here... and it will be crowded:

At the other end of the park, there are people having picnic or simply playing/dancing:

Check out this group of bikers dancing

Nearby, there are groups of people/bands putting up performances - hoping to be talent-spotted. Some of them are selling their self-made CDs, mini-concert tickets etc etc. Of course, there naturally will be some good ones and some not-so-good ones:
There are also weird street buskers:

Near to Harajuku exit, that is where all the cos-play people gather:
So many different kinds of costumes: Lolita/Aliens
Anime characters..
more comic characters??


haha, "this is why i wanna come to japan"

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