Sunday, April 13, 2008


LOOK !!!
why is everyone wearing BLACK?

Is it a funeral going on??


its just the freshmen inaguration ceremony of Tokyo Institute of Technology.

There is something that keeps on puzzling me: Why do Japanese always like to wear BLACK? Ceremonies(happy or sad), to work, functions etc.. everyone just wears BLACK!

Cant they just wear some other brighter colours such as brown, blue, beige etc etc?? BLACK looks so solemn and formal.

Today is the day where the freshmen officially get inaugurated - yup, every single one of them wore BLACK suit and pants. No exception. They were accompanied by their parents, whom mostly wore BLACK too... sigh...

These parents look so happy and excited today as they accompanied their child to school.... apparently, this university happens to be one of the hardest university to get into in Japan. :) Making it into this university is sth quite "honorable"

This ceremony was not meant for exchange/foreign students like me, but for the normal local Japanese undergrads. I tried to crash the event, but my clothes immediately gave me away.. sob sob.

Anyway, with nothing to do, I toured the campus. There are nice sakura trees all around, and many outsiders come in to picnic under the trees

These pics are not pictures of public parks; they are taken in the school campus. Its a beautiful place with many open spaces for people to play/stroll/picnic..

At the other corner, CCA booths were set up to recruit students into their clubs and societies.

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