Sunday, April 13, 2008

UENO (Pronnounced as "ooh-air-noo")

Its cherry blossom period
UENO - with almost a thousand sakura trees - is undoubtedly ground zero for this festival!

The main street of the park is packed with visitors. Along the sides, groundsheets are laid and the public can book them for their private events/gatherings
People singing/dancing/playing games while picnicing. All sort of food can be seen, from bento sets to liquor... If you get drunk, simple, just lie back on the mat and admire the sakura petals as they fall down.
The petals fall whenever the wind blows. Its a beautiful sight to see the falling petals, but i guess it is also a headache for the roadsweeper.
Nearby, many stalls are set up to cater to the hungry crowd.

This is a basket of dogs. SO CUTE!!!
The owner said they were playful, so he put them in a basket to prevent them from running about.

Nearby the park, at UENO area, theres a place called Ameyoko. It is just a street market that sells all sort of stuff.

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I like sakura :)