Tuesday, April 15, 2008


This is a pic of Tokyo which you usually see on postcards. The place is called "Ginza" - one of the higher-end shopping districts in Tokyo.

The neon lights from billboards and buildings light up the place at night

On weekdays, they block off the whole stretch of road for pedestrians.

As recommended by Lonely Planet Guidebook, I went to look for the SONY showroom located there

Its a 4 story building. The first 3 floors featured their newest gadgets - PDA, handphones, mp3 players, speakers, laptops etc etc. Its quite impressive, as most of these models have not reached Singapore(my country) yet.

At least now I get a sneak preview of what will be coming to Singapore in a few months' time.

Check out this newest toy by SONY - Rolly



Its a cool mp3 player/speaker that actually dances to the music!!

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