Sunday, June 29, 2008


A big city beside Tokyo. It is the home to Japan's biggest Chinatown. Chinese food, groceries, shops, restaurants aside, this place doesnt really give the feel of chinatown, cos its too clean and orderly. haha
Average price for a 2 hour buffet lunch (食べ放題) here cost abt 2300yen. Not too bad.. its a good place to go if u miss chinese food.
Yamashita Park & Yokohama Bay:
Weird-looking structure found a the park. This park stretches along the coast of the bayThe bildings in the background is Minato Mirai. Can be seen clearly from the park.
A big ship berthed at the bay:
Take a closer look at the metal chain- there's a row of birds (seagulls, i think) resting on it!

But when i went back again a few weeks later in late spring, the birds are gone - guess they are just migratory birds taking a pit-stop here :)
Nice view of Minato Mirai. Picture taken from the roof of the Harbour's Building

Nearby, this ancient-looking building houses 2 floors of shops selling cakes, desserts and pastries. Yum yum...There is a big flower display in the open area... this is what it looks like from the top view. Its actually a world map!
Africa is on the left, America is on the right. The centre is the pacific ocean. Can you see it?
10 mins walk later, i hit upon the themepark and shopping centre of Minato Mirai. This ferris wheel, called CosmoClock 21, is japan's 4th largest ferris wheel.
Views from the top of the ferris wheel.
The bay area can be seen. But due to the clouds, i cant see Mt Fuji

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