Thursday, July 3, 2008

Vending Machines

In a high-tech place like japan, naturally there will be a lot of vending machines.
Vending machines to sell food coupons in restaurants:
Ice Cream vending machine:

Here are the more unique ones:
Selling cup-noodles:
(no wonder u see so many underaged kids around smoking...)

At certain bowling alleys, they even use vending machine to dispense the rented bowling shoes:At some temples:

Incense papers: 1 packet for Y1000, 5 packets for Y5000, or a Large-size packet for Y2000

Jossticks: Y500 for 1-person pack, or Y1000 for 2-pple packet


Agagooga said...


Hot food dispenser (eg fries)
Or the used panties ones hahaha

Kim Huey said...

wuah! Havent seen so many types vending machines myself