Tuesday, April 1, 2008

My FUGU experience

FUGU (aka pufferfish/blowfish) is a specialty of Kyushu. As it is a POISONOUS fish, any mistake by the chef in preparing the fish can be fatel. Anyway, it is a "MUST TRY" delicacy in Kyushu!

We splurged quite a bit on this meal, but it was quite a satisfying one...
Nice exterior of the restaurant, with a cute picture of a FUGU
Authentic Japanese setting

Even the chopsticks holder is in the shape of a FUGU!! so cute!

Before the meal, Audun took some time to write his will, just in case anything goes wrong... BLAH.... Too bad none of his money goes to me.. :(

Sumptuous meal served. Apart from the FUGU(grey colour slices of meat), there were a dozen other side dishes, such as tempura, vegetables etc etc..

The correct way of eating the FUGU meat is to first wrap it around some vegetable, then dip in a unique blend of sauce.

Pics of me and Audun taking our first bite of the FUGU meat. Luckily nothing happened after that, else i wonldnt be here writing this blog.

The meal also came with a special kind of FUGU SAKE(Japanese wine). A fugu tail fin is used to add flavor to the wine.

The waitress heated the sake before serving. You can see the blue flame over the SAKE.

It was really HOT....

Next up was a steamboat dish prepared by the waitress....

The remaining soup from the steamboat was then used to cook porridge. BTW, the stock used earlier for the steamboat was actually made by boiling FUGU fish bone. No wonder the porridge is so tasty...

Last but not least, dessert....

Yuppie, we conquered the poisonous FUGU!!

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Unknown said...

... how do you dare to eat. You seem enjoy ur SEP, haha, that's great !!!