Saturday, April 5, 2008


Today, I met up with a fellow NUS friend Tian Long (TL). Our first stop is Nagasaki, just 3 hours bus ride away.

Being deligent and hardworking undergrads, our first stop was undoubtedly Confucius Temple.

Nice landscape in the temple itself.

Btw, in case u dont know, Confucius, aka 孔子, is a damn smart guy in ancient china. His disciples invited magnificiant things like an earthquake sensor, weather forcast instruments, ion detector etc etc.
Therefore, we have reason to believe: If we pray to Confucius, we will become smarter :)

YUPPIE, i instantly felt smarter after praying. Lets hope that i will score distinctions in my upcoming tests/exams.

Next up, we went to take photos with some of Confucius's disciples. They were all stone statues lined up around the temple.

As u can see, i blend in well with the other disciples.

A picture of me and Mr Han Fu Hei.

We then dropped by Nagasaki's Chinatown in the hope to find something good to eat. After a week in Japan, I kinda start to miss chinese food.

Me and TL in a nice chinese restaurant along Chinatown.

This is some sort of Tou Fu Rice
This is Tian1 Jin1 Rice (天津饭). Basically, its just omelette egg with some salty gravy on rice.

Nothing very speical actually. We were slightly disappointed.. perhaps chinese food back home is still better (and of course, much cheaper)

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