Saturday, April 5, 2008

Nagasaki Atomic Bomb Museum: A sad story

Next we went to the Nagasaki Atomic Bomb Museum.

Too bad no photo taking was allowed. The museum was generally separated into 3 sections: First was the display of ruins from the Atomic Bomb. Next was the Science and History part. Science teaching you more about the atomic bomb, its damages etc. History telling us the sequence of the arms race and development of the Atomic Bomb, and of course, a summary of World War 2. A little know fact is that this atomic was not intened for Nagasaki. Its original target was a town slightly north, called Kokura. But due to bad visibility weather conditions, the pilot wasnt able to drop in in Kokura. Running low on fuel, the next best target was Nagasaki. (Nagasaki was quite unlucky then)

Next to the Museum was the memorial park. Its almost april now, and some of the SAKURA(cherry blossms) are starting to bloom.

Here is GROUND-ZERO where the bomb landed. Luckily I was not standing here on 9th August 1945 at 11am.

This ugly-looking(in my opinion) statue behind me is the peace statue.

A fountain in the park....

A memo from a victim of the disaster:

........I am so thirsty and I cant bare it anymore. A layer of greasy stuff floated on the water. Whatever it is, I need water. At last, I just drank the greasy stuff as it is......

A sad story... everyone who has studied physics or chemistry will be able to explain what exactly was going on.... Nuclear fusion, Gamma rays, protons, isotopes... blah blah blah...

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