Saturday, June 21, 2008


This small island near tokyo is indeed a nice place to visit.
Its linked to the main island by a bridge..

Nearby, saw some guys taking their motor boat practical test.. haha. berthing, manoeuvring, man-overboard drill... how nostalgic....

Main shopping street on the island.. .lots of food and souvenirs

A few temples(as usual) on the island
Nice landscape garden inside the temple I found this thing in one of the temples:

In order to "sweep away" bad luck, you have to walk through this ring in this manner. First anticlockwise, then clockwise, then anticlockwise agian.. Quite weird- and troublesome - but the small kids found it fun.. They were running around the ring and playing catching games :)

Many pple wrote their wishes on these cardboards. I took a peep, and found out that 80% of them were wishing for a good marriage or a good boyfriend/girlfriend.... hmmm... perhaps this shrine is famous for granting good 姻緣.

There was also a futuristic-looking lighthouse on the island

Scenary was great... you can see the whole bridge and Tokyo from here And it was also freaaakking cold, as the wind was very strong up there.

This is one of the few places in Japan where u can actually see stray cats around. In fact, this island is famous for having many cats...

Even the souvenirs are all cat ornaments This is the ticket booth to buy the ticket to go up the lighthouse. And this cat (i forgot the name) sits here everyday to greet the visitors... so cute.... It enjoys being pet on the head.
The security guard told me that this cat has been here for abt 6 months!!!

Friday, June 20, 2008


JApAN- Home of Keraoke !!!
KTV shops are just everywhere!!! and they have quite a good database of songs.. Japanese/english/chinese/....
Been to KTV 6 times since i came... yipes!! thats like almost once per fortnight : )
Gone wif different groups
with Japanese friends -> mostly Jap songs + some english songs
International friends -> only english songs
Singaporeans/Malaysians -> good mix of chinese, english and jap song..

haha. lesson learnt: one must always know how to sing diff language's songs in order to fit in : )

Here are some random photos:

The KTV machines here have interesting functions. For eg, they do give u a score after each song to see how good your singing was.
After each song, they also display the amount of calories burnt while singing that song... hmmm.. didnt realise that frequent visits to KTV can help pple lose weight too :)

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

FOOD: Part 2

This is another post about some of the food I have eaten here.... prepare to drool...

B'fest set (only 500 yen), very worth it. Bread, coffee, salad, bacon and egg. The bread is actually made according to one of the bread featured in the anime Yakitate!! Delicious~~!

Snacks/Finger food:

Green tea ice-kachang

The size of the fish on the sushi is abt 3 times the size of the rice!!

Dons/Set meals:

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Area for the rich pple, mainly expatriates. Most embassys are also located within close proximity. This street below is lined with bars and clubs.....
Despite the fact of being the most expensive place in Tokyo, pple still live here in these apartments. A rough check showed that parking is abt S$10 per hour, apartments are abt S$8m, a night's stay at Grand Hyatt Hotel here would cost close to S$400
This spider-looking statue is a landmark at Mori Tower, one of the more famous buildings in that area - filled with offices and (Very very very) expensive restaurants.

Nearby, Asahi TV building has an small exhibition on the first floor.. I guess they should be the company which broadcasts the Doraemon cartoons...

At the end of the road along Roppongi, i found this....

So nostalgic... finally, i found Singapore food!!!
But the prices are not very welcoming.....

Abt S$17 for a plate of chicken rice (that doesnt even look like chicken rice in the photo)????

No thanks... i will wait till i go back.

Sunday, June 15, 2008


Big Buddah Statue (大仏). abt 3-stories high.
Probably the only interesting thing to visit in this town(Kamakura).