Sunday, August 17, 2008

More Farewells

My last few days in Japan were busy with farewell gatherings. Farewell to my labmates, farewell to my hosts, farewell to all my other groups of friends here in Tokyo.
Here are some random photos:

My labmates gave me a JinBei(甚平) for my farewell gift. Its sort of a Yukata(浴衣), but a more informal version.
Drinking party back in lab.

Completion Ceremony

All the "hard work" over my stay here boils down to this - completion ceremony.
Each of the YSEP student took turns to give a short 8 min presentation about his research.

Seriously boring!! I know nuts about what the others are talking about. And I believe the others have no idea what i was blabbering about either. All 30 of us were from different fields, its unlikely that we understand all the technical terms and stuff the others are talking abt.

Some photos at the party after the ceremony:
This is Sato Sensei(佐藤先生)
and Hirose Sensei( 広瀬先生)

Party at ARGEHA (Tokyo's biggest club) that night : )