Friday, July 18, 2008

Kappabashi (Ka-pa-ba-shi)

How would u like a salmon sushi and a tempura prawn for a snack??

Looks delicious?
Sad to say, this is not real. its PLASTIC food models. haha
too bad, cant eat these...
I bought these from Kappabashi St - an amazing street where they sell everything a restaurant will need.

Everything - plastic food displays, cash register, cultery, crockery, signboards, furniture, lights etc etc...
everything but REAL food.

See, even some buildings are designed to a restaurant theme:

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Yokohama Bayside Marina

Bright sunny weekday afternoon... i had nothing to do, so I went to this "not-so well-known" place. Its actually a yatch marina off the edge of yokohama bay. Beside it are some shops selling clothes and many restaurants along the marina:
This place is a great place to have dinner along by the see and watch sunset !!!!
As it was a weekday, there was hardly anyone around
A small lighthouse nearby

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Yoyogi Park

Probably the most happening place in Tokyo on sundays.
On weekends, there's usually some fair, exhibition, flea market being held here... and it will be crowded:

At the other end of the park, there are people having picnic or simply playing/dancing:

Check out this group of bikers dancing

Nearby, there are groups of people/bands putting up performances - hoping to be talent-spotted. Some of them are selling their self-made CDs, mini-concert tickets etc etc. Of course, there naturally will be some good ones and some not-so-good ones:
There are also weird street buskers:

Near to Harajuku exit, that is where all the cos-play people gather:
So many different kinds of costumes: Lolita/Aliens
Anime characters..
more comic characters??


haha, "this is why i wanna come to japan"

Monday, July 14, 2008

Cute Ads

You see advertisements everywhere. On billboards, in trains, buses etc etc.. Here are some uniquie ones. Try to guess what they are advertising.

Guy and gal in the beautiful park.... is this the next upcoming Japanese/Korean drama?
Sexy voluptuous woman: Is she advertising for a porn video or adult magazine??

Here's the answers:

Ad for a university :

Ad for an Onsen :

Mother and Child

Random photos i took...
In Japan, young teenagers are not the only hot-looking girls around. Check out this hot-looking mother and her child.
Here's a mother pushing a pram which holds FOUR kids in it!!!!

Sunday, July 13, 2008


This is MiTsu-HiDe (光秀).
I rented him from a dog-rental shop for 1 hour (2500yen). His breed is a ...... ... ermm... errmm... WHO CARES??? what matters most is that he is so CUTE and ADORABLE!!!
He looks just like a stuffed-toy - soft fur, innocent eyes, chubby body....
MiTsu-HiDe is so tame. He never barks or makes any noise. Nevertheless, i had somewhat a hard time walking it around the park - it always seems to want to go to the opposite direction from where i want him to go.
Also, there was communication breakdown between us. I tried to ask him to "sit" and "move" in English, Chinese, Japanese, French etc etc.. but it didnt seem to understand me at all.. hmmm, maybe its deaf...

Here are more cute pictures of MiTsu-HiDe.

It feels so good walking a cute dog in public. You gain so much attention from the people around you. Everyone i walked passed exclaimed "Kawaii !!" (cute) when they saw MY dog!!

In that short 1 hour of rental, i took abt 100 photos and 4 videos of him. Haha, such a camera-whore!

I guess it must have developed camera-phobia after that... Now wonder toward the end of the hour, MiTsu-HiDe was so anxious to return to the dog-rental store! Btw, this dog could navigate the area better than me, i guess it must have been working in that dog-rental shop for quite some time, and have seen dozens of pple just like me. Haha


I guess it would be every dog's dream to be born in Japan. In some other countries, dog meat is a common dish on dinner tables. But in Japan, dogs are regarded as dear pets - one that enjoys so much care and attention just like babies.
Everyday, especially afternoons, you can see people walking their dogs at parks, streets, city are etc. Their dogs are groomed with nice clothes, tidied hair, polished nails etc etc... The owners sure splurge a lot of money in taking care of their dogs. Dog grooming industry is a huge industry in Japan.

Beautiful hair-do:
They even have clothes for dogs of all shapes and sizes.
This dog even has an antena around its neck so that the owner can track its whereabouts. So high-tech.