Saturday, April 12, 2008


Sightseeing and scenery aside, here's a quick update on some of the food i've been eating recently.

Every convenient has arrays of microwavable instant food ready for busy people to grab-and-go.
In normal restaurants,

a plastic model of the food is usually displayed at the entrance of the restaurant.

In some more economical eateries, i order to save money on hiring a waitress, they use a coupon vending machine instead.

You have to insert your money, buy the coupon for the selected dish you want to order, and then hand this coupon over to the counter/chef.

Different variations of RAMEN

The ramens here generally taste better than those back home. Most importantly, they do not usually add MSG to their soup(but it still tastes so good) so you wont feel thirsty after the meal.

Gyu Don (Beef with Rice) from Yoshiniya! The most budget dish around. Only Y380 (S$5+). Comparable to prices in singapore!

Here are UDONs:

And the normal DONs.. (Rice with meat)

There are also set meals with both rice and noodle. A good choice when you are very hungry.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Last day in Kyushu

Today is the last day in Kyushu before I head back to Tokyo (and TL to Kyoto).
We dropped by the famous Yatai("Street Stalls") area and tried another of their local specialty - 豚骨Ramen (TonKoTsu Ramen = Ramen in Pork Rib soup)

The soup taste was slightly different from the normal Ramens. Cant think of a word to describe the taste... will update this blog when i eventually do...

Today, the news also reported that Sakura was in full bloom.
This photo was taken at a small park that we passed by

This is what sakura flowers actually look like

An even more close-up shot

More of Beppu

Beppu, and Kyushu in general, knows how to make good use of their natural resourse - natural spring water.
Here and there, you will be able to see small wells/taps where they pump out hot natural spring water. This "water-dispenser" along the roadside offers passerbys a taste of the spring water.

This one below lets you wash your hand and feet in the spring water.
My next stop was the Beppu's Umitamago("Sea EGG") Aquarium, located just along the scenic coastal bay.
As usual, many many fish can be seen in the glass displays
This pic below depicts a very ugly looking worm which hides most of its body in the sand.
This tank consists of hundreds of slim-sized fish. When put together, it looks spectacular.

In the jelly-fish tank(jelly-fish are transparent creatures), they played around with different lightings to give these fishes a different look

Red, green and purple.... and many other colours...
Of course, they also had a dolphin show
Seal show....And they even played games with the fishes.
This is how the game is played. There are 4 fish baits, numbered 1 to 4. A member from the audience randomly chooses one of the 4 baits. If the fish coincidentially bits the bait corresponding to that number, and a card falls out, that participant wins a prize.
Next up was Takasakiyama Monkey Park.
It is know to be a hill full of monkeys.
Many steps leading to the top of the hill.

And YUP, its just monkeys everywhere. Haha.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Sex Museum

As the title suggests, there is some ADULT CONTENT featured in this blog. SO IF YOU ARE BELOW THE AGE OF 21, PLEASE SKIP THIS BLOG ENTRY.

My next stop is the HiHouKan, (translate: Treasure Museum. In actual fact: Porn Museum) where they feature all sort of sex-related exhibits
There were displays of various sizes and variations of penises, ranging from animals, to humans, to some not-so-human ones.

Lesson learnt: The size of the penis is usually proportional to the size of the animal, but it is not necessarily true. For example, the tiger's penis can be larger than a giraffe's penis.

There were also random displays of different sex positions for humans.

Clay models

Life-size mannequins


From the 5 animals above, guess which animal this v****** belongs to?

There were also displays of some HenTai (变态) stuff.

They also made fun of some popular icons.
1)Marilyn Monroe
Original. Her famous picture taken when her skirt got blew upwards whilst walking past a man-hole.

Porn version. Press a button and a machine below will blow wind upwards. Just in case you are curious, in this version, she is wearing a pair of pink panties underneath

2) Snow White

What on earth are the 7 dwarves doing to Snow White?

Check out the nose of the evil witch.

Nearby, there were also fun displays to take photos with.

This machine is for you to practise some "obseen" motion. I chose the intensity of 10 out of 10 (as seen in the video below).

It is kinda similar to another OSIM iGallop. But the thrusting motion and tempo is different.

This short visit to the sex museum was really an eye-opener for me. And i believe that i learnt more than i did in those sex education science classes conducted in school. LOL :)