Friday, March 21, 2008

My new Dormitory

After spending 1 hour getting lost at the infamous Shinjuku train station(this station has 16 tracks!! a few "south exits" and consistant crowd of commuters), I eventually found my way to my dorm.

Me taking photos of myself during the boring train ride

Peeping at the train driver while is is operating the train. Wow!! I am impressed. He acclerates the train from 0 to 70km/h with exact precision and timing.

My neighbourhood. Not a too busy area, with a good array of restaurants.

My dormitory.

What u see above is not a normal HDB flat. It is actually my dormitory! 40 square meters equipped with personal toilet, air conditioner, fridge, kitchen, microwave oven, washing machine, dining table, mini balcony etc. Most importantly, it cost only abt S$200 per mth, cheaper than any dorm in NUS. haha.

Last but not least, meet my roommate Min Rui :)


At the airport...
about 7 friends "fly my aeroplane" at the airport. Blahhh
As such, only 2 eventually came. Guowei and Eng Wee, thanks for making the effort to come all the way to changi to see me off!

7 hours later.....

Tokyo, here i am!!
Tokyo's airport is very clean and orderly, but u can see from the pic, its kinda boring.. Nothing impressive.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008


I also had to put an end to the part time job I was doing. BTW, just in case you dunno, for the past 3 months, I have not been attending school(NUS). Instead, i was a relief/contract teacher at Henderson Sec School, just near my house. Teaching is a great and fulfilling job, and i would recommend everyone to consider it as a career. For once, you get to feel what it is like standing in front of the classroom shouting instead of seating quietly in the corner; what it feels like sitting on the other end of the Oral Exam(i teach English, btw) table listening to the same picture being described over and over again, and also concealing your scores from the students who will try to take a peep at it ;)

Of course, there are times where you feel discouraged - times when nobody in the class is paying attention and you are just talking to yourself, times where you desperately want grade an assignment but the students just refuse to hand in, times when you see the stack of "to-be-marked" assignments piling up.... but it is all just part and parcel of the job. I got used to it after a while.

With the recent hype about a relief teaching posting up her students' essays on her blog and poking fun at it, my response is: all teachers do get such work from the students now and then. Its interesting to know that I actually have a collection of such essays myself - a better one, in fact - but if you are surfing this blog in the hope for getting to read those essays, TOO BAD. Better luck with other sites! :)

After 10 weeks of teaching, its time to say goodbye to all my wonderful colleagues

Joanna, my HOD. Always so bubbly and cheerful!
Shirley: Always look so busy and stressed
SiTi !!! Hope u dont miss me too much!
Loretta: So Kawaii!
Me, Melissa and Law behind. Our fingers form
the alphabert "3T" cos we co-teach that class
Chook LIng: What a sweet smile

Daniel & Kingsley

Iris, me and Doris. My fav Home Econs teachers!! Taught me a lot about cooking! thanks

Group SHots

My messy desk in the office

Of course, not forgetting my dear classes: 2N2, 3T1 and 3T2

Although "sometimes" you may be naughty and noisy, you all are quite a lovable bunch! Hope u like me teaching so far.

Wonderful class of 2N2

Farewell notes from the class. Thank you so much.. i'm really touched


I'm getting fat, period.
The past 2 weeks has been filled with about 10++ farewell lunch/dinners with various groups of friends....
Thanks everyone for making the effort to meet up with me.
And due to the extra weight i gained, I will now not be blown away by the strong winds in Japan!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Getting Ready

Hi all! Yup, I finally started my blog (after all the pestering from you guys...) Please visit this page often as I will be updating it consistantly for the next half a year.

I was busy for the past few weeks packing my luggage and doing my pre-trip shopping spree. Haha, I'm already kinda broke even before stepping into Japan.
Anyway, this is my masterpiece:

15kg Parcel to be sent over to Japan first!

Now i will move on to pack my real 30kg luggage. I guess everyone must be laughing at how Kiasu I am - why in the world would I need to bring 45kg of things there for only a 5 month stay?