Friday, October 3, 2008


Back in Singapore now... and yup, dreadful NUS is so busy(and stressful).
Kinda miss those days in Japan on exchange! What a fun experience.

Oh, i got my transcript from Tokyo Tech today:

Guess what!!!! I got A grade for all the 6 module which I intended to map back to NUS!!!
The remaning D is for a japanese language module which i took for fun - no need the credits.

Argghhh. LOL...all "A" ?!?!?!
("A" means >80marks)

I was shocked!

I guess TokyoTech is quite lenient towards exchange students like me after all... didnt expect to do so well. Hahaha.
And it is also such as pity that back in NUS, i am only able to map back the credits based on a pass/fail grade. In another words, all i have to do is to just PASS the modules, and i will gain the credit. If all these A grades were to be calculated to my current CAP (cumulative aggregate point), i guess it would really pull it up by quite a lot. Argghhhhh!

Have i worked too hard in Japan??? You tell me....
Perhaps I should have spent more time playing.

Looking at it from the OR (Operations Research) point of view, since all i needed was a PASS (>60marks), that would mean that every point i got above 60 marks was a wastage of resources! ie, i should have spent more time playing and lesser time on studies
Makes sense??