Thursday, April 24, 2008


Today MR and I visited Ebisu (yebisu) area, along the Yamanote line. Its famous for a beer garden. And yup, as expected, there were many nice trees and flowers planted all around.

This green arch roof is a famous landmark for this area.
We went on to visit the Ebisu Beer Museum

Lots of cute and informative displays inside, such as the beer brewing process, history of the company etc etc....

This is a huge machine(forgot the exact name) used in the beer making process.

There were many nice beer can displays to take photo with too!

Here are some advertisements used in the 1950s till 1970s. There was a period where they used only female model to promote the beer, but they later changed to male models in those posters.
Surprisingly, even today, some of these traditional-looking pictures are still used - to protray its history maybe. Somehow or another, i feel its kinda anachronistic. haha.

Last but not least, there was a bar near the exit where we could purchase small glasses of their 4 most famous beers. There are 100%draft beer, malt beer, stout etc etc.

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