Sunday, June 1, 2008

SAILING in Japan !!!

(Disclaimer: I apologize if there is some sailing terms/jargon used in this blog)

I went for a sailing session with my uni’s yachting club. The location was a small place called ShinZushi(新逗子), which is known to be one of the more popular sea sports location within close proximity to Tokyo. There were abt 50 pple in total – 30 newbies and 15 seniors. After changing trains 3 times from school, we finally reached the marnia. Indeed, it was a splendid place for sailing – nice beach, open waters, gentle waves….
In Singapore, I sailed a LASER, which feels kinda different from the SNIPE I used today. Although the rigging, sheets and knots were the same, the Laser is smaller, and thus more responsive when tacking/jybing. It’s a pity that the wind was not blowing consistently, and we were stranded a few times.. sob sob. We ended up floating around in circles and wasting time.
(Interesting fact to note: I had no problem communicating with them while sailing cos all the sailing terms were exactly the same as English. Mainsheet = Me-n-shi-i-to. Tack = te-ku. Jybe=Jya-bu. Its basically the same thing, but just pronounced in a Japanese way.)
The cool sea breeze and the magnificent view of the seaside was quite a splendid and memorable experience for those people sailing for the first time.

After sailing, we were brought to the other end of the beach, where clusters of beach houses were located. We entered TITECH sailing club’s beach clubhouse, and were treated to a curry rice lunch prepared by them. It was good! The beach house may have been slighted squeezy with all 50 of us in it, but the atmosphere was friendly. We chatted and took turns to do some self-introduction – and yup, I was the only foreign exchange student there. Haha. The rest were all normal first-year undergrads.
It was past 5pm when the whole event ended. Great experience.. enjoyed it very much J

(Jap version: Sorry if there’s any grammar or vocab mistake)

今日、大学ヨット部の試乗会に参加した。場所は新逗子って、東京市に近くて海スポーツできるビーチと言えば、ここはとても有名 と先輩に教えられた。新入生30人、先輩15人と私の計50人は大学で集合し、電車とバスに三回乗り換えたら、やっと着いた。やはり、灘やビーチがあり、この所では、波が低いのでセイリングするのに最も適した場所ね!



Me at the marina:

Sailing area:

Too bad i cant get a photo of myself sailing... you cant bring a camera out to sea...

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