Sunday, August 3, 2008


Ahmet, Kim and I took a 9-day road-trip together to explore the northern part of Japan.
First stop, Nikko (日光)
One of my labmates once said "はっきり見えず、もっと美しい". Things look prettier when you cant see it clearly. I think its quite true in this situation.
It was a misty and wet day... but the layer of mist added a mystical aura to the grand shrines and jungles in the area.

Went thru all the shrines just to see this:
The most famous architecture in Nikko: 3 monkeys. One covering its ears(no listening), one covering its mouth(no speaking), one covering its eyes(no seeing)

My homestay host: Uchida san, brought us around Nikko... :)

This pic is taken in front of the biggest river there...
For lunch, she brought us to this fancy restaurant, hidden within one of the landscape gardens

To eat this 5000yen steak set!!!

(wow.. so ex!!)

Dinner was a Yuba (Toufu) set meal

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