Friday, March 21, 2008

My new Dormitory

After spending 1 hour getting lost at the infamous Shinjuku train station(this station has 16 tracks!! a few "south exits" and consistant crowd of commuters), I eventually found my way to my dorm.

Me taking photos of myself during the boring train ride

Peeping at the train driver while is is operating the train. Wow!! I am impressed. He acclerates the train from 0 to 70km/h with exact precision and timing.

My neighbourhood. Not a too busy area, with a good array of restaurants.

My dormitory.

What u see above is not a normal HDB flat. It is actually my dormitory! 40 square meters equipped with personal toilet, air conditioner, fridge, kitchen, microwave oven, washing machine, dining table, mini balcony etc. Most importantly, it cost only abt S$200 per mth, cheaper than any dorm in NUS. haha.

Last but not least, meet my roommate Min Rui :)

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