Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Tour around Kyushu

The map u see on the right shows the places i have been to. Each Blue dot shows the location of each city/town.

First stop of my tour: Kyushu - the big island at the sounth of japan. I arrived there in the afternoon and met up with fellow coursemates Audun(from Norway) and Chris(from Malaysia)

Picture taken near Hakata station..

We wandered around the largest shopping centre there "canal city shopping centre"

Many interesting shops there - Hello Kitty-theme shop, African-theme etc etc..

We even found this POKEMON theme shop and this salesgirl was demostrating how to play with some Poke-balls.

There was also this Ramen-stadium where 8 of the best Ramen stores around Japan set up branches here to compete with each other. Its no wonder the aroma of ramen could be smelled from a mile away!

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