Thursday, May 22, 2008


After Osaka, we took a short detour to Kobe - yet another small city 30km away.
Just like most other cities, the most crowded area was the few streets around the main train station.

Kobe is famous for KOBE BEEF. But when we went there, we found out that the cost for a set meal for the top-grade Kobe Beef cost abt 5000yen! (abt $70). That was way out of our budget.. so we went to a smaller restaurant nearby and settled for some cheaper beef. haha.

Although cheap, it still taste good. That pretty much satisfies our desire to taste "kobe beef". :)
Kobe is also the home to one of the 3 famous night views in Japan - Mt Rokko.
(Last month, I've been to the one in Nagasaki - Mt Inasa. The last on is Mt Hakodate in Hokkaido)
As usual, there is a nice cable car to bring us all the way to the peak.

Beautiful night view.. u can see the whole of Kobe, the nearby airports, and Osaka city afar.

Night view from the top

This was taken at the base's cable car station. Its supposed to be "Rokko Cable Shita" (shita = bottom/under/below in japanese). Oops.. my camera shaked and i didnt get a good shot. haha

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