Saturday, April 12, 2008


Sightseeing and scenery aside, here's a quick update on some of the food i've been eating recently.

Every convenient has arrays of microwavable instant food ready for busy people to grab-and-go.
In normal restaurants,

a plastic model of the food is usually displayed at the entrance of the restaurant.

In some more economical eateries, i order to save money on hiring a waitress, they use a coupon vending machine instead.

You have to insert your money, buy the coupon for the selected dish you want to order, and then hand this coupon over to the counter/chef.

Different variations of RAMEN

The ramens here generally taste better than those back home. Most importantly, they do not usually add MSG to their soup(but it still tastes so good) so you wont feel thirsty after the meal.

Gyu Don (Beef with Rice) from Yoshiniya! The most budget dish around. Only Y380 (S$5+). Comparable to prices in singapore!

Here are UDONs:

And the normal DONs.. (Rice with meat)

There are also set meals with both rice and noodle. A good choice when you are very hungry.

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