Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Sex Museum

As the title suggests, there is some ADULT CONTENT featured in this blog. SO IF YOU ARE BELOW THE AGE OF 21, PLEASE SKIP THIS BLOG ENTRY.

My next stop is the HiHouKan, (translate: Treasure Museum. In actual fact: Porn Museum) where they feature all sort of sex-related exhibits
There were displays of various sizes and variations of penises, ranging from animals, to humans, to some not-so-human ones.

Lesson learnt: The size of the penis is usually proportional to the size of the animal, but it is not necessarily true. For example, the tiger's penis can be larger than a giraffe's penis.

There were also random displays of different sex positions for humans.

Clay models

Life-size mannequins


From the 5 animals above, guess which animal this v****** belongs to?

There were also displays of some HenTai (变态) stuff.

They also made fun of some popular icons.
1)Marilyn Monroe
Original. Her famous picture taken when her skirt got blew upwards whilst walking past a man-hole.

Porn version. Press a button and a machine below will blow wind upwards. Just in case you are curious, in this version, she is wearing a pair of pink panties underneath

2) Snow White

What on earth are the 7 dwarves doing to Snow White?

Check out the nose of the evil witch.

Nearby, there were also fun displays to take photos with.

This machine is for you to practise some "obseen" motion. I chose the intensity of 10 out of 10 (as seen in the video below).

It is kinda similar to another OSIM iGallop. But the thrusting motion and tempo is different.

This short visit to the sex museum was really an eye-opener for me. And i believe that i learnt more than i did in those sex education science classes conducted in school. LOL :)

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