Monday, April 7, 2008

Nagasaki by Night

Mount Inasa, in Nagasaki, is voted one of the best 3 night views in Japan. The other 2 are Mount Rokko(in Kobe) and Mount Hakodate(in Hokkaido).

TL and me got lost on the way trying to find the ropeway station. But thanks to these 2 kids who lived around the area, we eventually found our way.

The 2 boys are so cute !!!!!! They guided us to the station.

Yet another picturesque photo.
This photo was taken near the ropeway station. Sakuras are blooming. There is a small temple in the background too.

Me playing with the charms pple tie to strings.

TL and me in the ropeway cabin on the way up.

Breathtaking view from the top. Too bad my camera isnt very apt for taking night scenery shots. But from there, you can see the whole Nagasaki city lighted up.

Guess who??

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